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Snap-n-Learn™ Number Turtles

Snap-n-Learn™ Number Turtles

SKU: 6706

Learning Resources:

These charming teaching toys help children as young as 3 learn their shapes, numbers, colors, and more. Little learners will have endless hours of fun hiding the baby turtles under their momma’s shells, and matching the turtles by color or number of shell shapes. It’s the perfect way to make play time more educational! Completed momma turtle measures 4¼”L x 3”W x 1½”H.

Educational Benefits
  • Learning Style:Visual, Tactile
  • Skill Development: Number recognition, 1:1 Correspondence, Counting, Matching, Sorting, Color identification, Shape identification, Fine motor skills, Motor planning
  • 5 Momma turtles, 5 Shells, 5 Baby turtles
• Completed momma turtle measures 4¼”L x 3”W x 1½”H
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