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Science and Technology Time Line Topper BB Set

Science and Technology Time Line Topper BB Set

SKU: 1946

Carson Dellosa

The perfect addition to help reinforce your social studies curriculum, this early American history time line includes (8) 8.5” tall die-cut panels that measure 16’ long when fully assembled.

This US history resource features four hundred years of memorable science and technology contributions from 1600-2000, including these (among others):

  • first printing press
  • invention of the lightning rod
  • first clock built in America
  • first hot-air balloon flight in America
  • invention of the telephone
  • first successful airplane flight
  • assembly line production of the Model-T
  • atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan
  • first moon landing
  • creation of the World Wide Web


Resource guide provided. Features:

  • Resource Guide
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