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Frogs, Lizards & Snails Cut-Outs

Frogs, Lizards & Snails Cut-Outs

SKU: 120236

Carson Dellosa:  Decorate any area of your classroom with Nature Explorers cut-outs.

Enhance displays and play games with the Nature Explorers Frogs, Lizards, and Snails Colorful Cut-Outs®. This pack includes 36 cut-outs (5.88" x 4.35")—12 frogs (green and teal), 12 lizards (orange and purple), and 12 snails (blue and red). All classroom cut-outs are printed on durable card stock.

Multicolored and multipurpose, Carson-Dellosa’s assorted Colorful Cut-Outs are ideal to use as desk tags, name tags, cubby tags, and more. Don’t forget to browse for more Nature Explorers classroom décor to create a modern theme.

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