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Chunky Crayons Cut-Outs

Chunky Crayons Cut-Outs

SKU: 120231

Carson Dellosa: Classroom cut-outs offer multiple ways to enhance doors, displays, and more!The 48-piece Chunky Crayons Cut-Outs® pack (3.35" x 6.22") contains 6 each of these colors:redblueblackbrowngreenorangeyellowpurplePrinted on card stock, durable classroom cut-outs are ideal for a variety of purposes.Play games, label desks, and enhance bulletin boards with Carson-Dellosa’s assorted Colorful Cut-Outs. With a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles, classroom cut-outs are perfect to use as game pieces, cubby tags, and more.

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