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Understanding Fractions Workbook

Understanding Fractions Workbook

SKU: 704900

Carson Dellosa

When children focus, they can achieve math mastery—help them zero in on skills with Spectrum® Focus series. Spectrum Focus: Understanding Fractions for grade 3 guides children through the challenging world of fractions by providing extensive instruction, thorough explanations, and rigorous practice to help them achieve skill proficiency.

A strong home-to-school relationship helps kids see the whole picture when it comes to math, and with Spectrum Focus: Understanding Fractions for grade 3 kids can spend a portion of time at home practicing converting fractions, comparing fractions, and more.

Packed with explanations and comprehensive assessments, the Spectrum Focus series offers an in-depth learning experience and is designed to help every child meet (and exceed) expectations. This standards-based workbook doesn’t just prepare children for classroom success—it... Read More


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