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Magnetic Healthy Foods

Magnetic Healthy Foods

SKU: 0497

Product Description

Introduce children to the concept of the 5 food groups and healthy meal planning with this set of magnetic, illustrated foods.


     • 33 Magnetic pieces
     • 1 Write & wipe magnetic placemat
     • 1 Menu pad
     • Activity guide

Placemat measures 16.5”L x 12”H

Grades: PreK+

Learning Style: Visual

Skill Development:

Social & Behavioral- The suggested activities can assist students with identifying and choosing healthy foods at a restaurant or in the grocery store. The set can even help students visually plan out food purchases using the included menu pad to stick to a list!

Social & Behavioral- Use to teach students about table manners such as how to set the table or use a napkin. The Magnetic Healthy Foods can also assist with developing independent daily living skills like planning out meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Basic Concepts- Promotes identification of the 5 food groups- fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy. By learning about the food groups, students are creating building blocks for maintaining a healthy diet.
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