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FUNky Frogs Center Signs

FUNky Frogs Center Signs

SKU: 110268

Carson Dellosa:  Create a positive and organized learning community with the playful, energetic FUNky Frogs Center Signs Mini Bulletin Board Set. Display these center signs in each center in the classroom as a way to help young children locate the centers as well as communicating what students are learning in each center. The set includes 16 center signs, 10" x 5.5" each including eight blank to create your own! Look for other products in this popular design to create a functional and cohesive learning environment. FUNky Frogs are ready to help teachers expand contemporary decorative themes into their curriculum! Classroom setup-including decorations and color—provide a clear message to students about the environment and culture of the classroom. The energetic and exciting FUNky Frogs exciting design helps teacher create a positive environment that promotes creativity, enthusiasm and productivity.Features:Resource Guide

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